Posted by: Marie | September 26, 2010

Jazmin Grace’s Graduation

Jazmin Grace, daughter of Prince Albert II of Monaco graduated from her high school in June.  She is currently in college.  Point de Vue somehow managed to get photos of the ceremony.

Posted by: Marie | September 26, 2010

Swedish royal wedding photos (finally) added

I finally got around to adding the photos of Victoria and Daniel’s wedding I saved back in June.  They can be accessed here.  Scans from HELLO’s special issue can be found here.  Thumbnails of the scans can be found below the cut.

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Posted by: Marie | June 24, 2010

Wedding photos coming soon

I’ve already uploaded some photos of this weekend’s royal wedding to the gallery, and I have created a category for the wedding in Crown Princess Victoria’s folder.  It can be accessed here.  The aforementioned photos are still there, just in the new category.

As for additional photos, I am uploading them right now, but won’t be able to post them until later tonight, as I have some errands to run.  I also have the special issues of Hello and Hola and will provide scans within the next couple of days.

Posted by: Marie | June 24, 2010

Prince Albert of Monaco to marry Charlene Wittstock

OMG!  I just found out that Prince Albert is going to marry Charlene!  I am so excited, and it’s about time! I don’t have any more details…will update this post when I do.

Posted by: Marie | June 21, 2010

Wedding of Victoria and Daniel – Photos

I uploaded some photos to the gallery.  They aren’t high-resolution, sadly.  Those will be posted in the Photobucket album.  The two hi-res photos I found are below:

I will add more photos as I find them.

Posted by: Marie | June 19, 2010

Watch the royal wedding online

For those outside of Scandinavia, click here for SVT’s non-Scandinavian stream.  I should have anticipated that the main live stream would be restricted to those in Sweden and the surrounding countries.

Posted by: Marie | June 19, 2010

Royal Wedding in Sweden Tomorrow

I am sorry for not posting that often – there are many reasons for that, and one of them is my waning interest in the royals.  I am, however, very excited about tomorrow’s wedding in Sweden.  Crown Princess Victoria will marry Daniel Westling starting 3:30 pm on Saturday, in Stockholm.  If you are not in Europe and want to catch the wedding, you’ll probably have to watch it online.  You can use Time and Date to determine what time the wedding will start in your area, and you can watch it live at SVT’s website.

To watch live footage, click here – this will take you to SVT’s live stream.  There probably isn’t anything running at the moment, since it’s probably 2:30 in the morning in Stockholm.

Posted by: Marie | April 26, 2010

Princess Madeleine calls off wedding

I haven’t been keeping up with the royals as much as I used to, so I had no idea that Madeleine and Jonas’s relationship was in trouble.  Now it’s been reported that she has broken off her engagement with him.  Today at MSNBC has the details:

“STOCKHOLM – Princess Madeleine of Sweden has broken off her engagement with attorney Jonas Bergstrom, the Royal Court announced.

“They have decided that the best for them is to go their separate ways,” the palace said in a brief statement issued April 24.

The court asked for the media to leave the princess and her former fiancé alone.”

Since it’s the Associated Press, they won’t even let me copy more than a paragraph, but you can read more at the link.  The Daily Mail has even more details.
Posted by: Marie | February 9, 2010

Massive amount of old and recent-ish scans

I just spent the past hour and a half scanning and uploading stuff.  I managed to get all of it into the Coppermine gallery – you can go to the Last Uploads page or you can go to the following albums to view the new stuff:

United Kingdom scans folder has the October 2009 Tatler cover story on Lord Frederick Windsor’s wife Sophie, a silly wedding article on Prince William from In Touch, the recent Jan 4 cover story from HELLO, some really old scans from Seventeen magazine and a few small ones from HELLO.

The Sweden scans folder has the Feb 2010 scans of Princess Madeleine in HELLO, of which I posted earlier, and some cover stories by Point de Vue on both Madeleine and Victoria’s engagements.

The Monaco scans folder has a few scans from HELLO – two of Charlotte and one of Princess Alexandra, and then there is the Vanity Fair photo of Andrea from the June 2009 issue.

In the ‘General Pictures’ folder of the Jordan section I uploaded a feature from a recent HELLO issue regarding Queen Rania being named the Most Elegant Woman of 2009 by all 13 international editions of HELLO.

In the Denmark scans folder I uploaded a feature on the renovations of Amalienborg and a small one on Princess Marie.

In the World scans there are two really old scans from Seventeen magazine and one of Princess Elisabeth von Thurn und Taxis in Vanity Fair (the June 2009 issue).

I have also uploaded them to the Photobucket account, and thumbnails will be below the cut.

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Posted by: Marie | February 7, 2010

OMG!!! Crown Princess Victoria Barbie doll!!!

I was at The Royal Forums and saw this on their blog.  Apparently Mattel has made a doll in the likeness of Crown Princess Victoria.  I want it soooo badly, even though I am WAY too old to play with Barbie dolls (well, I just want it as a collectors’ item, of course).  I don’t think it will be for sale, though.

Monsters and Critics has a picture of the doll with the following caption (scroll down at the link to see the pic):

A Barbie doll by Mattel based on Swedish Crown Princess Victoria is shown at the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg, Germany, 04 February 2010. From 04 to 09 Feburary, more than 2,600 exhibitors present approximately 1 million products and 70,000 novelties during the 61st Toy Fair. EPA/DANIEL KARMANN

It’s actually just a replica of the gown Victoria wore at one of the more recent Nobel Prize ceremonies on a brunette Barbie doll, but it’s gorgeous!

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